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#32 – Digital health and learning

In beta
In beta
#32 - Digital health and learning

This episode was never meant to be a podcast. Joost and I were meeting to brainstorm a few preliminary idea for an Erasmus+ funded Blended Intensive Programme on Digital Health that we’re teaching on. We recorded the conversation so that we could refer back to it when we start building the session we’re facilitating, but afterwards thought it might also be useful to share as a podcast. It’s a bit rambling at times and meanders across a broad landscape of ideas, so if you’re OK with that, then go ahead and give it a listen.

In this conversation, Joost van Wijchen and Michael Rowe explore the influence of digital technologies on physiotherapy education and practice. They discuss three main themes: the dynamic nature of knowledge in the digital age, the transformative role of technology in education, and the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare and learning.

As learning and practice become increasingly connected, new collaborative and networked models of interaction enable a wider range of engagement between more stakeholders. These interactions are not only separated in time and space, but increasingly across other dimensions requiring a shift from traditional learning models to more adaptive and interactive approaches that embrace complexity and change

Joost and Michael discuss the role of collaborative and networked learning in this context, shedding light on how digital tools can facilitate dynamic interactions among students, fostering a collective intelligence that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. The conversation extends to personal knowledge frameworks, describing how learners construct and navigate their individualised understanding of the subject matter.

The conversation takes a deep dive into the intricacies of sense- and meaning-making, unraveling the layers of complexity that underlie the creation and integration of knowledge in the digital age.

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Joost van Wijchen is physiotherapy program leader, senior lecturer, educational designer, physiotherapist and health professional. Designer and initiator of Delta-stream, choice-based learning. Trained as (sports & manual) physiotherapist, nowadays a professional with a scope upon learning, reasoning, humanities, education, internationalization and global health. Health and education are two domains grounded in interaction, democracy, and partnership among all participants. Special interest in “solv-ability”, inclusivity, mindlines, constructionism and complementarity in learning. Next to these roles, a rebel, activist, advocate, pioneer, father, partner, sport-coach, swimmer, cyclist and sailor. Love to explore and dive into the unknown, discover chaos, challenge the norm, fight for freedom, drown in philosophy, watching movies, with a total passion for learning in all its aspects.


  1. Fe Stevens
    Fe Stevens January 22, 2024

    I really enjoy listening to conversation moving through thoughts – I can hear the loops within and makes me think about “it matters what thoughts think thoughts” Donna Haraway – and being comfortable within the not knowing.

  2. […] Last week I met with Joost van Wijchen to brainstorm a joint session we’re offering on an Erasmus+ funded Blended Intensive Programme on Digital Health. We recorded the session for later reflection but decided to also publish it as a podcast. […]

  3. […] In this presentation (11 March 2024) as part of the BIP in Digital Health, Joost van Wijchen and I discussed some of the key considerations for the responsible use of digital health technologies, particularly in the context of physiotherapy. We also recorded one of our preparation meetings and published it as an In Beta podcast on digital health and learning. […]

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