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#34 – Remote-only physiotherapy management

In this episode, we speak to Ben Gordon about the implications of remote-only physiotherapy management, facilitated by technology. Our discussion centres around the shifting dynamics when physiotherapy is conducted virtually rather than in-person, and how this departure from traditional norms might reshape the core tenets of the profession. We explore the affordances of remote practice,…

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The One about Technology and the Human Spirit

Introduction Physiotherapy education, like so many fields today, faces a relentless influx of new technologies. From digital patient records to AI-powered rehabilitation tools, innovations are constant. And it makes sense to advocate for the inclusion of these new services and platforms into physiotherapy education, as we prepare graduates for the world of work. But as…

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#33 – Generative AI in health professions education

In this conversation, Ben and I speak to Lambert Schuwirth. We wanted to get Lambert’s take on the impact of artificial intelligence in health professions education, and started the conversation with his involvement in the development of HPE-Bot. HPE-Bot is a chatbot interface to the GPT language model, which Lambert has been co-designing with Stephen…


The one about the Purpose of Higher Education

At the broadest level, institutions do cool stuff for the benefit of society, and in return they get money to do cool stuff and suffer minimal outside interference in so doing. Alex Usher Introduction In the midst of the current financial crisis gripping UK higher education, the question of purpose looms large. What are universities truly for?…

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#32 – Digital health and learning

This episode was never meant to be a podcast. Joost and I were meeting to brainstorm a few preliminary idea for an Erasmus+ funded Blended Intensive Programme on Digital Health that we’re teaching on. We recorded the conversation so that we could refer back to it when we start building the session we’re facilitating, but…


The one about Blended Learning

A blended approach to learning and teaching integrates different learning environments in complementary ways, such that the strengths of each compensates for the weaknesses of the other. Introduction Given that I did my PhD on blended learning in health professions education, and that I continue thinking about it often, I’m surprised I haven’t included a…

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#30 – Grand narratives in simulation-based education

In this episode, Ben and Michael speak to Shane Pritchard about using the concept of a ‘grand narrative’ to structure a simulation programme at scale, across multiple disciplines, in schools of health and social care. We’re all familiar with simulation-based activities within, and maybe even across, disciplinary programmes. But what would it take to build a simulation programme across an entire school?

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