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What are the moral, ethical, legal, and clinical implications for physiotherapy practice when the boundaries of medical and health science are significantly shifted as a result of technological advances?

Point of view

What is it like to be a patient in the health system? This project asks students to consider the world from the point of view of a patient rather than a clinician, opening up possibilities for them to consider alternative perspectives on practice.

International Ethics Project

The International Ethics Project was a 4 year project that ran from 2015-2018 with collaborators from several countries who developed a shared blended learning module in Professional Ethics.

Physiotherapy in different international health contexts

This project is an opportunity for students to collaborate with peers from another institution in a different country in order to develop their understanding of how the role and scope of practice changes with respect to their health and social care context.

Case study assignment to develop information literacy in physiotherapy

If we want students to use evidence-informed clinical practice, we should give them opportunities to use the evidence available to them to solve the real-world problems they encounter on placement.

The Unposter

The In Beta WCPT 2019 unposter was an attempt to do something different with the traditional conference poster format as we questioned whether the traditional academic conference is an effective way of disseminating ideas and instigating change in practice.

Student Physio Twitter Conference 2020

Join us on 1st May 2020 for our first Student Physio Twitter Conference. Follow the presentations on #PTTC20 and engage with student presenters from around the world.

Learning to learn

The Learning to learn community is a project aimed at using evidence-based techniques to improve your ability to learn.

Covid-19 – Moving to online learning for physiotherapy

This project aims to pool knowledge and experience to support physio educators moving teaching, learning and assessment activities online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Therapy Live Digital Posters

Therapy Live and In Beta have teamed up to create a new approach to digital research and practice dissemination as part of the free Therapy Live online conference on June 26th 2020.

Twitter student conference 2022