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Learning to learn

Doing well at university is easy. All you have to do is work hard. But, don’t you already work hard? Maybe it’s time to work differently.

The Learning to learn community is a project aimed at using evidence-based techniques to improve your ability to learn. There seems to be general consensus that success in the 21st century may be based on your ability to learn difficult things quickly and that learning is a skill that you can improve.

I’ll be running short, monthly seminars in my own department that I’ll try to record and share with the larger community. Each seminar will be about 30 minutes long and will cover a single learning strategy, as well as discussing how it can be adapted for specific contexts and schedules. The idea is that participants can then use that strategy for the next month and see if it’s useful at all. There’s no pressure to attend any of the sessions, and the follow up summaries will be shared with everyone.

If you’re interested in being a part of Learning to learn you can sign up to receive a newsletter every time we publish a lesson on learning. See below for the active modules. We’ll be adding new content as the project grows.


  1. How to create new habits (February)
  2. How to focus and avoid distractions (March)
  3. How to take notes (April)
  4. How to read (May)
  5. How to write (June)
  6. How to remember (October)
  7. How to manage your time (November)

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  1. Stephen Bestbier
    Stephen Bestbier May 3, 2021

    Hey Mike, this is really awesome. Keen to chat about it more.

    • Michael Rowe
      Michael Rowe May 3, 2021

      Hi Steve. Thanks for that. I think it’s an area of learning that we don’t pay enough attention to, and would love to chat in more detail. I’ll be in touch.

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