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Therapy Live Digital Posters

**Please Note that the Therapy Live and In Beta digital poster stream has been cancelled for 2020.**

Whilst we had some great submissions, unfortunately due to the tight turnaround and current context we didn’t receive a sufficient number overall to make the stream workable.

We still believe in the model of digital dissemination of research and service projects, and will be thinking about how to successfully incorporate a digital poster stream in future #TherapyLive events.

Call for posters

Therapy Live and In Beta have teamed up to create a new approach to digital research and practice dissemination as part of the free Therapy Live online conference on June 26th 2020.

Therapy Live and In Beta are both believers in the power of digital media to share and democratise knowledge and stimulate conversation. We also both hate unnecessary waste and can see the impact that Covid-19 has had on therapy practice, research and education. Therefore we have come up with a plan to provide a platform through social media for therapists, researchers, patients and students to:

  • Present your conference posters that would have been presented at conferences which have been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19
  • Share reflections and innovations relating to your work, study and life during the Covid-19 pandemic

How it will work?

We are inviting submission of digital posters in the form of a single picture or video file, which can be embedded into a tweet or shared on instagram.

Posters will be presented on Twitter on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June in the following streams.

MSK therapy posters (Wednesday 24th June using #TherapyLiveMSK)Research, service evaluation or practice innovation posters that were planned for presentation at conferences that have now been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19

Lockdown listening posters (Thursday 25th June using #TherapyLiveLockdown) – Reflections and practice sharing on work, study and life during the Covid-19 pandemic

Each stream will have a schedule of poster presentations which will be shared prior to the day. Presenters will have a timeslot when their poster will be tweeted from the Physio Matters Twitter account (@TPMPodcast). Presenters who provide their twitter handles will be included in the tweet and can then engage in further discussion around their poster. 

The best posters from each stream will be selected for presentation in a digital poster area in the Therapy Live lobby on Friday 26th June. You can find out more about Therapy Live and register here.

What should my digital poster look like?

We encourage creativity in how presenters choose to present their poster, but each should be a single picture or video file, which can be embedded into a tweet or shared on instagram. You do not need to adhere to any established conventions of what to include in a conference poster. Your poster should present the key points of your project or reflection and act as a start point for further engagement for people who are interested in what you present.

Examples of how you might present your digital poster include (but are not limited to):

  • An image file of a traditional conference poster 
  • An infographic summarising the key points from your project or reflection
  • A 2 minute screen capture video of you talking through a slide or infographic 

Posters can present a broad range of projects or ideas. These may include traditional research findings and service evaluation reports, or perspectives on how to innovate and change practice. We are also particularly interested to hear perspectives on how MSK therapists have adapted to the current global pandemic. Presenters will be asked to identify their poster as one of the following types of projects  

  • Research 
  • Service evaluation 
  • Innovating practice
  • Reflection

Posters may be existing posters which were planned for presentation at a conference which has been cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, or they may be an entirely new poster put together for Therapy Live. 

How do I submit my digital poster?

Submission is by email to by midnight on Friday 12th June.

Email submissions must include

  • The digital poster as a picture or video file (2 minute maximum length for videos)
  • Names and affiliations of all presenters
  • Twitter accounts of the presenter(s) to be included on the digital poster tweet (optional)
  • The stream that it is being submitted for: MSK therapy / Lockdown listening 
  • The type of project being presented: Research / Service evaluation / Innovating practice / Reflection
  • Where the poster has already been peer reviewed and accepted for presentation at a conference in 2020 through an abstract submission process, please include evidence of this with the submission.

What happens after I submit?

Posters which have been previously accepted to another conference via an abstract submission and peer review process will have no further peer review.

Posters which are new for Therapy Live will go through an inclusive and supportive peer review process following submission to ensure that the poster topic is relevant to MSK therapists and that there is a clear key message being presented. Presenters may be given an opportunity to improve unclear posters. Inappropriate content and marketing materials will be screened out.

Once your digital poster is accepted, you will receive a schedule giving details of when it will be featured as part of the conference poster stream. Your twitter handle will be included in the poster tweet and we strongly encourage presenters to be available to respond to questions and discussion around your poster when it is initially tweeted.

If your poster is selected for presentation in the Therapy Live lobby on Friday 26th June, you will be informed and we will give you more details about how we will be publicising this to allow engagement with the poster presenters.

If you have any further questions or difficulties with the submission process, please contact us by email at

To find out more about Therapy Live head to

Main image by Yaya Guzman on Unsplash

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