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Tag: online learning

The one about Technology and the Human Spirit

In the face of ongoing integration of emerging technologies such as AI and digital tools, educators must continuously ask if these technologies truly benefit students, the profession, and humanity overall. Increasingly, we must engage in a deeper evaluation of technology’s human impact and underline the necessity for ethical technology creation, emphasising humane and responsible practices. Engagements like these are essential for shaping how future practitioners use technology in healthcare.

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#32 – Digital health and learning

In this episode, Joost van Wijchen and Michael discuss the integration of digital technologies in physiotherapy education and practice. They explore dynamic knowledge, technology’s transformative role in education, and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, emphasising networked and collaborative learning. The conversation also explores the complex processes of knowledge creation and integration in the digital era.


#28 – A pedagogy of space (Unconference 2022)

In this episode, Michael Rowe talks about space as a metaphor for learning and asks if it’s still a useful way for us to think about learning and teaching design. Spatial metaphors encourage a certain vocabulary that informs our cognitive frameworks, which possibly limits creative approaches to learning and teaching. Michael asks if other metaphors for learning might get us closer to designing learning experiences that are more aligned with what we care about.

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#24 – Online and remote physiotherapy programmes

It’s about not seeing distance learning as being the thing that takes place in front of a laptop. In this episode Ben and I talk about what a remote, online physiotherapy programme might look like, using no notes or any kind of preparation at all. We discuss the progress of universities to date in graduating…

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Future of work, failure of minimal guidance, and hybrid pedagogy on online learning

Curriculum is constructed and negotiated in real time by the contributions of those engaged in the learning process. Dave Cormier Podcast Harris, S. & Mullenweg, M. (2020). The new future of work. Making Sense podcast. In this episode of the podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Matt Mullenweg about the evolution of distributed work. They discuss…

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Feeling overwhelmed, emergency remote teaching, and online learning in a hurry

Students and teachers are leaving learning behind in the pursuit of survival. Podcast Anderson, C. (2020). Elizabeth Gilbert says it’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next. The TED Interview podcast. I think you would have to be either a sociopath or totally enlightened not to be feeling anxiety at a moment like…

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Remote work, authentic online learning, and Covid-19 resources

Bring students into the conversation as early as possible by having them collaborate on the syllabus, outline the objectives of the course, design activities and assessments, etc. Jesse Stommel Podcast Fried, F. & Heinemeier Hansson, D. (2020). Remote work Q&A Part I and Part II. The Rework Podcast. This is a longer than usual introduction…

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