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#2: Internationalisation of the curriculum

In beta
In beta
#2: Internationalisation of the curriculum

In this episode, we discuss internationalisation of the undergraduate physiotherapy curriculum, considering the significant amount of interest (and funding) that is currently being invested in it as a pedagogical strategy. We talk about what we understand it to be, how to go about doing it, and how to determine if it’s working. You can find out more about the projects mentioned during the session at:

You can also still visit the planning document in Google Drive, which includes additional information about the session. If you’re interested in doing some reading on internationalisation in general, here are some resources we found helpful in preparing for the conversation:

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Guests on the podcast

Anestis Divanoglou: Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Iceland (Twitter, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate).

Rachel Forsyth: Associate Head, Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Manchester Metropolitan University (Twitter, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate).

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