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#27 – Student-led curriculum development (Unconference 2022)

In beta
In beta
#27 - Student-led curriculum development (Unconference 2022)

This episode is part of a short series that was published as part of the In Beta 2022 Unconference. Thank you to Joost van Wijchen from Bergen University for coordinating this contribution.

Learning, teaching, becoming, education, and development. A lot of words connected in many forms. Still one of the main questions I have been occupied with for a long time was who owes learning? The university, the teacher, or the learner? All answers can be equally right and are based on perspective. True learning is hard to force upon a learner, especially when learning is perceived through the development of being in and engaging with the world. From this perspective, the most important agent is the learner, he or she owns their learning. This comes to the next question of how to place learners more at the heart of the curriculum and create student-led learning experiences. We invite you on a journey to explore your own conceptions, conceptions and experiences of others and perhaps create new ways for the future.

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How to engage with this podcast

  1. Listen to the podcast taking breaks in between sections as you wish.
  2. Make a note of your key reflections and possibly share these with other participants.
  3. Join a discussion with other unconference participants on the topic and the reflections that it has stimulated.

This podcast it includes some discussion to make you think about the possible future of physiotherapy education and reflect on your responses. We suggest that you listen to the podcast away from your desk. You might choose to listen whilst you go for a walk or a run in your local area, or you could find somewhere to sit and listen quietly away from other screens and distractions.

The podcast is divided into different sections with notices to pause at key moments. You can leave the podcast running and listen to it all in one go, or you can pause the podcast after the notices to make brief notes on your thoughts as you go, but you don’t have to record and share your response to every question.

Joost van Wijchen is physiotherapy program leader, senior lecturer, educational designer, physiotherapist and health professional. Designer and initiator of Delta-stream, choice-based learning. Trained as (sports & manual) physiotherapist, nowadays a professional with a scope upon learning, reasoning, humanities, education, internationalization and global health. Health and education are two domains grounded in interaction, democracy, and partnership among all participants. Special interest in “solv-ability”, inclusivity, mindlines, constructionism and complementarity in learning. Next to these roles, a rebel, activist, advocate, pioneer, father, partner, sport-coach, swimmer, cyclist and sailor. Love to explore and dive into the unknown, discover chaos, challenge the norm, fight for freedom, drown in philosophy, watching movies, with a total passion for learning in all its aspects.

In creating this episode for the Unconference, Joost enlisted the help of several collaborators:

  • Wim Oerlemans: Learning facilitator, teacher & consultant physiotherapist, within physiotherapy and health professions
  • Henk Nieuwenhuijzen: Senior lecturer, researcher, physiotherapist within health and physiotherapy
  • Peter Johansen: (Absalon)
  • Kenneth Chance-Larsen
  • Annie Aurora Myklebust: Upcoming physiotherapist, mentor and student-assistant coordinator BSc physiotherapy programme
  • Isabelle Jacqueline Grandahl: Upcoming physiotherapist, mentor and student-assistant coordinator BSc physiotherapy programme
  • Kristine Flem: Upcoming physiotherapist, mentor and student-assistant coordinator BSc physiotherapy programme

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