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#29 – Generative AI and assessment

In beta
In beta
#29 - Generative AI and assessment

In this episode, we discuss the implications of generative AI on assessment, and on learning and teaching more broadly. The impetus for the conversation was a blog post I wrote, sharing an idea for an assessment that explicitly required the use of ChatGPT. The premise is that you can establish a context where you can debate ChatGPT, and build some additional engagement around that initial scenario.

This was a wide-ranging conversation that explored some of the detail around how language models work, it’s inability to compare responses to valid models of the world, practical uses for AI in teaching, learning, and assessment, and the risks of having AI being trained on data generated by AI. We explore the implications of a higher education system that embraces AI, and ask if integrating AI has inherent value, or if it’s value is simply instrumental. And we discuss an awkward conclusion that at least of us feels is inevitable.

Some of the applications we discuss include Perplexity AI, Pi (see resource below), and ChatGPT. However, there are many (many) examples of generative AI models coming online almost every day.

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