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#18: Covid-19 – Where to from here? (Unconference 2020)

In this guided reflection, Ben and Michael use the Crisis-Response framework to guide a conversation around how we’ve not only responded to the Covid-19 pandemic but how we might think about moving forward beyond it. They reflect on the need to ask which of the changes that have been introduced into physiotherapy education as a result of emergency remote teaching are useful and deserve consideration as permanent aspects of our training, and which were temporary solutions that can come to an end. This episode forms part of the In Beta Unconference 2020 guided reflection series.

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#15: Assessing practical skills remotely

This is the second episode in a short series of conversations around how physiotherapy educators might adapt to the sudden requirement to run the programme fully online as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode we discuss different experiences and ideas about how educators might consider assessing practical skills remotely.

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