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Remote work, authentic online learning, and Covid-19 resources

Bring students into the conversation as early as possible by having them collaborate on the syllabus, outline the objectives of the course, design activities and assessments, etc. Jesse Stommel Podcast Fried, F. & Heinemeier Hansson, D. (2020). Remote work Q&A Part I and Part II. The Rework Podcast. This is a longer than usual introduction…

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IQ testing, challenges to dual-processing, and the cost scientific publishing

Teaching should be full of ideas instead of stuffed with facts. Podcast Galeph, J. (2018). Stuart Ritchie on “Conceptual objections to IQ testing”. Rationally speaking. I used to think that IQ tests were only good at measuring performance on IQ tests but over the past few years my thinking around IQ testing has evolved. In…

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Annotation, AI, and disobedience in the classroom

Everything works somewhere, nothing works everywhere. Dylan Wiliams Podcast Wills, S. (2013). Peter Brantley on annotating the web. The Scholarly Kitchen Podcast. Peter Brantley, the director of scholarly communication at the start-up, talks about the firm’s efforts to build an open annotation layer on the Web, his thoughts on how in-line annotation differs, in…

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Measuring students, shaming students, and an open access journal

The saddest and most ironic practice in schools is how hard we try to measure how students are doing and how rarely we ever ask them. Amy Fast Podcast David Manheim on “Goodhart’s Law and why metrics fail. Rationally Speaking podcast. What they’re usually doing is following the rules that they’ve been given, to achieve…

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The case against education, principles for learning, and human restoration

Too many classrooms at all levels of schooling now resemble a ‘dead zone,’ where any vestige of critical thinking, self-reflection and imagination quickly migrate to sites outside of the school only to be mediated and corrupted by a corporate-driven media culture. Henry A. Giroux Podcast Wiblin, R. & Harris, R. (2018). Economist Bryan Caplan thinks…

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Becoming a teacher, and stop stealing dreams

For education… always has had, and always will have, an element of danger and revolution, of dissatisfaction and discontent. W.E.B. Du Bois Podcast Gooblar, D. The Missing Course. Teaching in Higher Ed podcast In this episode of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, Bonnie Stachowiak speaks to David Gooblar about how teachers are almost never…

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