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Category: Newsletter

The one about Active Learning

Active learning is “…the process as building mental models of whatever is being learned, consciously and deliberately testing those models to determine whether they work, and then repairing those models that appear to be faulty. Michael & Modell (2003 Introduction Active learning is one of those phrases in higher education that’s sometimes a little tricky…

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The one about Artificial Intelligence in Education

I think we can trust artificial intelligence in learning, but not artificial intelligence managed by Silicon Valley corporations in learning. Stephen Downes Introduction If you consider that some elements of AI are already widespread in education (for example, online search, recommendation engines, and autocorrect), then it’s not far-fetched to take seriously the question of what…

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The one about Student-teacher Relationships

Radical openness demands the classroom be a space for relationships and dialogue, at the expense of content, summative assessment, and so-called academic rigor. Jesse Stommel Introduction Earlier this month the results of the National Survey of Students (NSS) was published. The NSS gathers students’ opinions on the quality of their courses and the results are…

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