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Tag: clinical placement

#35 – Clinical supervision and the challenges of early autonomy

In this episode, Dr. Danelle Hess discusses the challenges physiotherapy students face during clinical placements in South Africa, such as managing caseloads with minimal supervision and dealing with complex cases like gunshot wounds. She also explores the mental health impacts and the strategies universities use to support students. Dr. Hess also emphasises the need for resilience and coping mechanisms for students in demanding healthcare environments.

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#21: Placements – Innovation from a crisis (Unconference 2020)

In this guided reflection, Jane Ashbrook and Beatriz Martinez consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on student physiotherapy placement provision. They speak to academic staff and students about some of their challenges and experiences and invite the listener to reflect on how their own programmes and clinical placements have been affected. This episode forms part of the In Beta Unconference 2020 guided reflection series.

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