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Come in, take a seat. Get yourself a coffee. Have a look around. We like talking about and collaborating on ways to make physiotherapy education better. Everything we do is free and open to anyone who wants to join in.


We try to record semi-regular podcasts hosted by Ben Ellis at the University of Birmingham in the UK, and Michael Rowe from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. The podcast typically features a variety of guests as part of a series of conversations on different aspects of physiotherapy education, although sometimes we’ll just chat about whatever is on our minds.

Listen to the latest episode of the podcast below or browse a selection of earlier episodes.

Latest episode: Ben and Michael reflect on 2021 and look forward to plans for the project in 2022.


In 2019 we ran the first In beta unconference in Lausanne as a face-to-face event, and we followed it up in 2020 with a fantastic online experience. For 2022 you can join us in Birmingham, online or even set up your own unconference venue as we go hybrid for our third unconference!


We publish a monthly newsletter where we share three items related to a topic that we’ve found interesting. These will be things like podcasts, blog posts, research papers, etc. and aim to serve as a stimulus for thinking and reflection. They’re probably not going to be specific to physiotherapy education but will always be something that has helped us think differently about higher and professional education.

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Every now and again we run projects and try to record the process, in case anyone else is interested in doing something similar. In 2022 we plan on running a second student Twitter conference, as well as reboot the Learning to Learn project.